13 Ways Belly Dance Fat Burning Exercise Can Find You The Love Of Your Life

There is so many exercise help to reduce weight. In these, all exercise, belly dance fat burning exercise is the most popular and most effective exercise.

Belly dance is originated in Egypt. Today it is spread all over the world.

Everybody is searching which exercises benefit them to reduce weight. Overweight causes so many problems like a disease. You are disappointed that you are unable to enjoy your life. This 13 ways belly dance will help you to find the love of your life.

Let’s start exploring belly dance.

13 Ways Belly Dance Fat Burning Exercise Will Help You

1. Belly dance exercise is fun

Belly dance is about shaking your hips. It’s a really fun way to do this dance.

Other exercises may bore you or you may hate that exercise but belly dance is really simple and amazing. Play music, stand up and shake your hips and enjoy it. Rather than other exercises, it is just fun.

2. You get good quality sleep

Belly dancer gets good quality sleep. It also helps you to get a deep sleep.

Belly dance helps you to lift your mood and reduces stress which causes fall in sleep quicker. It also reduces anxiety, insomnia, and depressive symptom.

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3. Your brain functions very well

Belly dance tends to breath more oxygen. Constant Practice of belly dance increase heart rate which pumps more oxygen to the brain.

Belly dance helps you to become more active. The Active body tends to brain function very well.

4. Works like a workout that burns belly fat

Belly dance burns calorie which results in reduces belly fat.

Daily 30 mins exercise to burn 446 calories. You should start with 5 mins warm up then 20 mins belly dance finally 5 mins cool down, total 30 mins which is enough to burn the calorie.

Abdominal and pelvic muscle engage in this dance which helps you to burn belly fat.

5. Belly dance improve digestive system

It boosts the digestive system. Belly dance massage abdominal muscle and improve abdominal activity which improves digestion. It also helps to improve colon health.

It is more beneficial for digestion but doesn’t do it soon after eating. Maintain a couple of hours between meals and your belly dance session.

6. Belly dance could minimize menstrual cramps

The Study suggests that belly dance improve blood circulation in the body and also minimize menstrual cramps.

Belly dance raises the level of beta-endorphin and body’s own painkiller which help women feel less pain in menstruation. It also enhances blood circulation in the body which help to relieve some pain associated with menstruation cramps.

7. Belly dance strengthen your body muscle

Belly dance strengthens body muscle and reduces chances of back pain.

It cores support to the spinal cord and helps to get better body posture when you dance regularly. belly dance strengthens stomach muscle and back muscle. It also strengthens the abdominal muscle which reduces back pain.

8. Belly dance make flexible pelvic floor muscle

When you regularly practice belly dance, you can gain benefits of strong pelvic floor including urinary incontinence, less back pain, more control of core and better sex.

Belly dance strengthens the pelvic floor and makes it flexible. This helps women to give childbirth easier.

You shouldn’t suppose to do belly dance if you are pregnant.

9. Belly dance strengthen gluteal muscle

You spend time doing the job in front of the pc and laptop. you do this job by seating which affects some part of the muscle which is located at hips called gluteal muscle. Doing job by seating, you lose this muscle.

Belly dance helps you to strengthen the gluteal muscle.

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10. You improve self-confidence

Belly dance improves positiveness in life and makes you happy. You improve your self-confidence.

Men or Women with any age group can join and learn belly dance. It is beneficial to everyone.

11. Belly dance improve immune system

If you do belly dance with beautiful music which benefits to your body. Science suggests that listening to music can enhance antibodies.

Belly dance helps you to improve the immune system.

12. Belly dance improve your core stability

Belly dance focuses on the isolation of body parts. The example of it is that moving hips in eight shapes. This requires more strength and flexibility in muscle.

The constant practice of belly dance can improve core stability.

13. Belly dance improve your body posture

To practice belly dance you have to focus on body posture.

If you practice belly dance regularly which will help you to improve body posture.


The belly dance fat burning exercise is the fun way to reduce your weight. You don’t have to worried about your overweight. Pick up belly dance costume and shake your hips.

If you don’t know how to do belly dance then watch the video of Leilah Isaac. you will learn simple belly dance moves






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