Baby poo help to prevent disease,claim scientist

The probiotic contain in baby poo help to treat various disease, the scientist claimed.

Probiotic is a bacteria found in fermented foods such as yogurt which is a healthy bacteria help to boost the immune system.

Baby Poo study of scientists

The scientist from wake forest school in North Carolina has discovered baby feces could improve overall health which can help to weight loss as well as many diseases.

The scientist did this experiment on mice. They used dirty nappies of 34 infants and developed a probiotic “cocktail” which is then used on mice.

They discovered that it boosted short-chain fatty acid in gut bacteria of mice.

The lead author of this experiment, Dr. Hari Om Yadav said “Babies are usually pretty healthy and clearly do not suffer from age-related diseases, such as diabetes and cancer. And, of course, their poop is readily available”. Dr. Yadav continued, “People with diabetes, obesity, autoimmune disorder and cancer frequently have fewer short-chain fatty acid “.

The scientists are excited about the further development of this study.

Can we really use baby poo?

The answer is NO

The scientists need further development of this study. The useful bacteria contain in baby poo may use in the probiotic supplement.

This is not the first time the scientist have been claiming, health benefits of baby poo. The more study about baby poo has been done.

This latest study by US scientist suggests the overall improvement in gut health, as well as this, can find out the solution to disease.

The expert says baby poo found so many health benefits. This can help to cure disease such as obesity, diabetes etc.

This is the weird discovery shows the new way to find out the solution to various diseases. from next time, you should not feel dirty about baby poo, shouldn’t you?

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