How Soy Based Diet Could Help You To Solve Your Weak Bone Problems

Women are facing a lot of problems before and after menopause. The soy based diet is very helpful for getting rid of such a problem.

The postmenopausal causes so many health problems in women.

What is menopause?

The condition in which ovaries stop releasing eggs to fertile. This condition occurs due to lack of estrogen hormone in the body. The estrogen hormone is released from the pituitary gland which is located in the brain.

Postmenopausal problems in women:

  • Mood swings
  • Increase bad cholesterol level
  • Digestive issue
  • Hot flashes
  • Forgetfulness
  • Weak bones

This kind of problems women has to face in menopause. The weak bones are also such problem in which bones become thin or bone density reduces, such problem occurs due to decreasing level of estrogen(female hormone).

The soybeans are beans of soy plant. Sometimes soybeans also consider as “Meat for vegetarian people”. Soybeans consider as an alternative to meat.

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The list of soy based diet:

  1. Soy milk
  2. Soy nuts
  3. Soy sauce
  4. Tofu
  5. Whole soybean
  6. Soy oil
  7. Edamame

This is useful and healthy soy foods for menopause.

The soybean can help you to get rid of weak bone problems. The researchers from the University of Missouri in Colombia have concluded that a soy-based diet is really helpful for strengthening bones in women of all age.

How soy-based diet help to strengthen bones?

To investigate, scientist chooses low capacity running rats whose has low fitness level.

Out of this rats, scientist removes ovaries of half of this rats to mimic menopause. The half of the rats fed soy-based diet and half of the rats fed corn-based diet for a 30-day trial. Both diet is an equal amount. The scientist weight rats weekly during a 30-day trial.

After the 3o day trial, the scientist took a blood sample of the rats and tested bone strength with the help of EchoMRI.

The EchoMRI is a technique to measure body fat, water mass in live animals.

The scientist inspected the bone structure of rats and they also tested mechanically breaking point.

They found that leg bone of soy-based diet fed rats is stronger than the corn-based diet fed rats.


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Soy-based diet

Why Is Soy based diet is so much effective?

The soy-based diet has approx. 464 calorie.

It contains Protein, dietary fiber, vitamin B, phytic acid. It contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron.

This is a good source of nutrition.

The scientist recommends that you supposed to include soy food such as soy milk, tofu, and other soy-based food in your diet. The soy-based food is a benefit to all ages.

The soy benefits are mention in following infographics,



The Postmenopausal women struggle with weak bone which is due to decreasing estrogen hormone in the female body. Soy diet reduces bone loss and increases bone minerals density especially after menopause. The soy based diet is rich in protein, vitamin B, Dietary fiber and minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron. Due to this rich nutrition soybeans consider as an alternative to the meat diet.

The soy-based diet such as soy milk and tofu should include in your diet. This is very good protein sources for vegetarian and vegan lovers.











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