These mistakes in the dinner prevent you to achieve weight loss goal

mistakes in the dinnerThe health depends on what you eat. You start your day with breakfast. Actually, you supposed to eat more in breakfast then eat moderately in lunch and eat less at the dinner. But you did mistakes in the dinner by eating more.

Because of your busy schedule, you fail to follow this rule. Sometime you might skip breakfast or you might eat more at dinner. This thing affects health directly.

You didn’t do any work at night, you supposed to sleep at the night however you should eat less at night. In the daytime, you required more energy to do your work hence you should eat more in breakfast. The breakfast gives an extra boost to start your day energetically. You should eat less in the lunch than breakfast.

It is always said that you should eat like the king in the breakfast, like the prince in the lunch and like the beggar at the dinner.

If you fail to follow this thing then you start your journey towards overweight.

If you are on the journey of weight loss then avoid these mistakes of eating at the dinner.

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The mistakes in the dinner you did:

  • Eating more before sleep

You should keep the gap between meal and sleep. You supposed to keep the gap at least 2 hours after eating then go to bed.

If you didn’t keep gap then you suffer problems like acidity, bloating, gas etc.

This problem occurs due to the indigested of foods.

  • Too much eating

You didn’t do any work so you are required less energy at the night. So, you supposed to eat less at night. This is the major mistakes in the dinner you did.

You should eat light food which is easy to digest. Avoid eating heavy foods.

Include fiber contain foods in the dinner like the green vegetable, fruit salad, veg salad etc. these foods do not only improve your digestion but also prevent overweight.

  • Not fixing the time for the dinner

You must set the timing for the dinner. Your busy schedule may interrupt between your time but you have to eat something in your dinner time to avoid missing dinner.

So many peoples are doing night shift in their job. Most of the people are not getting dinner on the time or they are taking dinner at the late night. These habits later convert into health problems such as overweight.

  • Taking alcohol and caffeine at the night

The people who do night shifts at the job are used to take caffeine sometimes alcohol. Most of the people in India are taking tobacco at the job during their night shift which affects their health. Such habits are inviting lots of diseases.

You should addict to such practices.

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If you want to maintain your weight or lose your weight then remember a few tips:

  1. Exercise daily.
  2. Eat more green vegetables.
  3. Drink more water.
  4. If you didn’t get time for exercise then at least take a walk.
  5. Minimize eating junk food
  6. Minimize alcohol and caffeine intake
  7. Include salad in your diet.
  8. Take a good sleep at night.
  9. Eat less at night.
  10. Instead of using a weight loss supplement. Try to reduce weight naturally.


The knowingly or unknowingly you did mistakes in the dinner. Either you eat more or skip dinner and take caffeine or alcohol. As mention above avoids this mistakes. set your fixed time for dinner. if you are unable to take dinner then eat something. include fiber-rich food like the green vegetable, vegetable salad in your diet. finally, keep at least 2 hours gap after taking dinner.

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