Top 10 Personal Hygiene Habits You Should Learn

Personal Hygiene is most important for health. You should learn these Personal Hygiene Habits to keep yourself healthy. From childhood, you learn personal hygiene but most of this habits you forget to do which you should do.

You can get this personal hygiene habits through practice it daily. To prevent a body from bacteria and keep yourself disease free these personal hygiene habits you must learn.

Let’s see personal hygiene habits.

Top 10 Personal Hygiene Habits

1. Brush your teeth

We always start our day with brushing teeth but you are not aware of how to brush teeth properly.

This video will show you how to brush your teeth properly.

Brushing teeth is important to remove all the bacteria lies inside the mouth and stick to teeth. Don’t forget to clean your tongue along with teeth.

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2. Showering After Workout

You sweat more after the workout. The bacteria present on skin get spread through sweat, this may cause infection to a body and It is also caused smell bad. You should take shower after the workout.

Clean yourself properly. I think it doesn’t matter that you take shower with cold water or warm water. It’s your choice. You should wash the areas that cause sweat more.

3. Flossing Teeth After Brush

Brushing is not able to clean all teeth areas. There remain plaque underneath or in between teeth. Flossing is necessary to remove all these plaque.

Watch this video about how to floss your teeth.

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4. Washing Hands Properly

You should wash hand properly after and before meals. There are so much bacteria present on your hand this may be infected through the food you eat. Washing hands is not about rubbing hands under water then take meals. This is not the right way to wash hands even you rub hands under water bacteria still present on hand.

You should learn how to wash hands properly.

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5. Use Perfume when you leave home

Smelling good makes us feel good and it also feels good to those who meet you. nobody wants to communicate with the person who smells worse.

Use perfume to smell good. Choose perfume which suits your body and smells nice. Perfume is not only good hygiene practices but it also gives energy to a whole day and it boosts the confidence level. This makes your day happy.

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6. Clean your hands and legs after coming from outside

When you came home from office or play, you should wash your hands and legs. My mom makes the strict rule to wash hands and legs after coming outside. now, this becomes my habit.

So all bacteria present in air or outside which may cause you an infection. You can take shower after coming outside. This will make you feel fresh and nice. Scientific study also suggests that taking shower reduce stress. whenever you come from the office, all the pressure and tense make you feel tired. If you take shower after coming home this will make you feel light.

7. Use handkerchief or tissue

handkerchief or tissue is used for wiping hands or face. You must carry with your a handkerchief. “Forgetting handkerchief ” at home may feel you embarrassing in meeting or dating. Whatever event you attend always carry a handkerchief or tissue with you. This is not only good personal hygiene practices but also good manner.

8. Use hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer decreases infectious agent on hand. It is most effective of killing microorganism than soap. It is more beneficial to use when you are on travel. Always carry with you hand sanitizer when you travel. Sanitizer contains alcohol which killed all bacteria.

It is the best practice of personal hygiene.

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9. Cover your mouth with the handkerchief when coughing and sneezing

Many people don’t cover the mouth with a handkerchief when coughing and sneezing. When you are using a hand, all the bacteria come out of the body and placed on hand which further cause infection.

The disease like TB is caused by air. When any a patient cough or sneeze, bacteria are spread in the air which can cause infection to others. Instead of using a hand, always carry a handkerchief or tissue with you.

10. Cut your fingernails once a week

Microorganisms and dangerous bacteria grow under the nails. These bacteria cause infection. When you eat food, it can cause infection through food. Nail grows an o.1 inch every month. This may grow slowly but it may grow regularly after cutting.

Always remember that cut your nails once a week.

Which Personal hygiene habits you have? Share your opinion.


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